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An APA style essay is an essay written correctly. If you perceive study at a higher education institution not only as an opportunity to get a coveted diploma, but also as a good time for your own intellectual development, you will be interested to know about an APA style essay. ARA – an abbreviation of the English words American Psychological Association. It developed this style of formalization of academic works in the field of psychology, sociology, philosophy, cultural studies and other social sciences and humanities.
Style nuances
The APA style essay has a number of significant differences from the generally accepted requirements for the design of educational and scientific works recorded in the manuals of universities. In part, this also applies to the list of references. After reading it, any person should easily find the desired book or article to which you referred in the text.
The list is built in alphabetical order (you need to take into account the first letter of the author’s last name). Probably, you immediately had a question: “What if you have to quote several articles by one author?” Everything is logical: they need to be placed on the list taking into account the chronology. First, articles published in an earlier period of time.
Principles of the APA style essay when making quotes
After the statement that you quote in the text, the author and the year of publication are written in brackets. This is the most common method, although it may vary. As a result, the text looks like this:
… the results of the experiment confirmed the correctness of the hypothesis (Jackson, 2000).
Jackson (2000) was convinced that the results of the experiment confirmed the correctness of the hypothesis.
In the case when the authors are from two to seven, then all should be named:
… the study for the first time revealed such a feature (Stone, King, Miller and Wilson, 1990).
If there are more than seven authors, the ARA style provides such an option for a quote:
Brown et al. (2011) concluded that …
It happens that the author of the book is not specified. Then you can only use its name and year. If the quote contains more than four dozen words – it is carried out in a separate block, the quotes are not placed.